The Real Story Behind Why America Damaged Their Spelt Crop Forever…

By:  Joy Schrock, President of Berlin Natural Bakery

damaged crop

What negatively happened to spelt here in the U.S. is a direct result of us being a nation of FIXERS.

Let’s make it faster and less expensive.  Let’s fix one problem without realizing that our fix is going to create a whole new host of problems.

Our food supply has no doubt been altered to the point where it is difficult to detect and keep up with all the health issues associated from it.

Today the spelt that we have come to know here in the U.S. is a poor substitute for what Mother Nature created thousands of years ago.

What Happened to our Spelt…What Went Wrong?

In order to answer that question you will first need to investigate the history of spelt here in the U.S.

Spelt was brought to this country in seed form amongst our immigrants valuable possessions.  It did not migrate here naturally.

The farmers faced many problems when trying to grow spelt.  The yields were very low in comparison to wheat.  Spelt is not a free threshing grain like wheat.  It requires specialized and very expensive equipment to remove its tight outer hull.

The gluten in spelt is very fragile and completely unsuitable for mass production.  The answer to all of these problems seemed easy to correct.  Crossbreeding spelt with wheat became inevitable.

Why Did America Drop The Ball?

No one owned it, no one preserved it and no standards were in place to protect it in its original state.

Here in the U.S. spelt is now a term that is very loosely used because…

Most spelt products that you can purchase today aren’t event pure spelt!

The majority of spelt products you can purchase instead are a mixture of wheat and other grains with “some spelt thrown in.” Leaving many people with wheat allergies and sensitivities with a less than favorable result.

Raising the standards on our food supply is so important not just our future generations, but for us NOW. When all is said and done, it really is up to each of us as consumers.

people shopping

The consumer is KING and the driving force behind every retailer and manufacturers decisions.

When we finally say “enough” and insist on higher quality foods instead of savvy marketing, retailers and manufacturers will step up to the plate because their livelihood will depend on it.

At Berlin Natural Bakery all of our products are made of 100% genuine German spelt.

Our livelihood depends on providing you with the best tasting spelt goods, made with the highest quality standards. We believe that when you buy a spelt baked good, you should actually be able to count on the fact that it truly is made with pure spelt. Perfectly created by Mother Nature…loaded with nutrients that will feed your body what it really needs.

You can find our premier spelt products by clicking the icon below!

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