8 Yummy Thanksgiving Foods To Serve On Turkey Day

Every year during the fourth Thursday of every November we celebrate the amazing holiday of Thanksgiving. Aside from sharing with others what we are thankful for, lets not forget the other amazing part of the day…THE FOOD! Below are the yummy foods we all should enjoy on this special day!

1. Turkey


This is turkey day you know! How could you forget the main course! Now while some people may eat ham, as well…I am sure we all can agree that Turkey is one of the yummy essentials to eat during Thanksgiving dinner!

2. Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce

Utterly sweet, yet pleasing to the pallet. Eating this yummy treat on your plate is something you always remember on Thanksgiving day!

3. Mashed Potatoes

garlic mashed potatoes

Those yummy mashed potatoes your mother used to make are another essential side to add to the menu on Thanksgiving day. It is one of the easiest foods to mix with anything on your plate!

4. Yams


You gotta love those sweet potatoes with yummy brown sugar. As you eat the yummy mashed potatoes, you may be tempted to create a creative mixture of both to come up with yummy “Thanksgiving Fusion Potatoes”…A little sweet, and a little salty….sounds like a perfect combination to me!

5. Stuffing


How could we ever forget the stuffing! Whether it is stove top, or slow cooked Berlin Natural Bakery stuffing, leaving this side out of your menu for the day would ruin the entire meal!

6. Steamed Veggies

steamed vegetables

With all of the high cholesterol foods on your plate, as your mother always said “You gotta eat your greens!” So in the spirit of eating yummy food that is really bad for you, don’t forget to mix in some veggies from the garden!

7. Dinner Rolls

dinner rolls

After eating all of the yummy food on your plate, having something that is “Light and Fluffy” as you pound through your plate of amazing food is delightful!

8. Gravy


And to top it all off…yummy gravy can be put on literally anything on your plate. A good gravy mixture can be added to your potatoes, turkey, stuffing or if you are bold even your veggies! Not having gravy is like NOT putting salt on food…A cardinal sin!

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