Friends In Focus: Featuring Buttonwood Market

By: Marsha Bonecutter

Buttonwood Market

“It was just like it was meant to be.” That is how Michelle Riesbeck describes finding the location of her store, Buttonwood Market. Michelle and her husband were strolling down Main Street in the village of New Concord one evening, looking for a site for her natural foods store. Michelle noticed the “old library” building was empty. “It was one of those “Karma” things,” laughs Michelle, “I went into the flower shop next door to ask who the landlord was, and sure enough, the building was available.”

Buttonwood Market opened February 9, 2009 at 30 Main Street, New Concord, OH. Though the village utilized the building to house the library and several other small businesses over the years, the structure was originally built by the owners-operators of Sawyer’s Cash Grocery in 1922. The Sawyer family lived next door and a grandson of the original owner still resides in New Concord. “I have a cow bell on my ancient front door,” says Michelle, “old windows that let cold air in during winter and wooden floors. The building is very old, but that’s what gives it its charm.”

Buttonwood Market

Owning her own store has been a dream of Michelle’s for many years. She graduated from Marietta College with a degree in Small Business Management. While still in school she took a job working at an ice cream store for Broughton Foods Company in Marietta. When she graduated, the company offered her a management position and later she moved into sales and marketing. She was with Broughton for 17 years. “At that time, it was a family owned company and a great place to work,” said Michelle. Michelle further expanded her qualifications by working 10 years in the supermarket industry.

It is the extreme good fortune of the citizens of New Concord and surrounding areas that Michelle’s dream came to fruition.

“Buttonwood Market was established to meet the growing demands of consumers who require natural, organic, vegan and other special dietary needs,” explains Michelle. “I do special orders and case discounts for my customers and we carry many dairy free and gluten free items as well as items for wheat intolerant people. Berlin Natural Bakery’s Chocolate Meltdown spelt cookies help us through those long winter nights, and the Whole Spelt burger buns go great with grass-fed burgers on the grill in the summertime.”

At Buttonwood Market you will also find many locally produced items. On one wall you will find regional maps of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Colored tags locate the companies whose products are represented in the store.

Buttonwood Market

Michelle decided to name her store “Buttonwood” after a tree commonly known as the Sycamore. “We have a large Sycamore tree on our property that we have always admired,” explained Michelle. “Since the Sycamore (or Buttonwood) is known to live for several generations, the name was selected for its stability.” Buttonwood Market will continue to serve the community by adapting to emerging trends, evolving and keeping current with customers’ requests and locating the most feasible sources of products requested.

“It is a good day,” says Michelle, “when you are serving people who are smiling because they’ve been looking for something that I’ve researched and found for them. It is very rewarding.”

Stop in soon and check out all Buttonwood Market has to offer, especially the new “Grab and Go” items coming in mid-July.

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  1. Mary Skeslock says:

    I visit Buttonwood as ofter as I can. We are so lucky to have it close to home. Everything is just so good and fresh and delicious. Michelle is the best!

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