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March Madness and Pizza – A Match Made in Heaven

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I was so happy to watch on Groundhog Day that after Punxsutawney Phil surveyed his surroundings, there was no shadow to be found, so an early spring it will be!!  That’s a fact, and I’m holding him to it! It’s been a beautiful, snowy and cold winter here in Ohio, but I am more than ready for the warm, sunny days of spring.  But Spring isn’t the only thing coming in March.  For all you sports fans, no one needs to tell you…..March Madness!!

What goes better with watching a great college basketball game than pizza?  And this month you are getting two pizza recipes instead of just one.  One is based on my favorite pizza made by an Old Italian grandma in my hometown using my Simply Sauce pizza sauce and the other was submitted by the owner of Berlin Natural Bakery, Joy Zipper.  Joy’s Pizza is called “California Sunshine Pizza” and it will definitely brighten any party or meal.

With both of these recipes, as always, do not be afraid to experiment by using your own favorite toppings.  That’s the great thing about homemade pizza….with a great crust, a great sauce and your favorite fresh toppings; you can have a delicious, hot pizza from your own oven in less time than it would take for delivery.  And you’ll know it’s made right!!

To make things even better, Berlin Natural Bakery is offering 25% off all sales of their Spelt Pizza Crusts and 16 oz jars of Simply Sauce Pizza sauce for the month of March 2011.  Each jar contains enough for at least 2 pizza crusts.

Be sure to call us at: 800-686-5334 to place your order!

California Sunshine Pizza

California Sunshine Pizza
Joy Schrock Zipper

Place “thawed” Berlin Natural Bakery spelt pizza crust on lined baking sheet.
Brush with Extra Virgin Olive Oil…..approx 1 Tbsp.
Sprinkle with Garlic Salt (to taste)
Add 20-25 Spinach leaves (cleaned & dried)
Add dollops (about 1 tsp each) of Sundried Tomato (Bruschetta) over spinach
Cut up approximately 3 oz of “Fresh” Mozzarella and spread over topping
Sprinkle top with shredded mozzarella (optional)
Bake 13-15 minutes.  Remove from oven and ENJOY!!

Cindy's Homeade Pizza

Cindy’s Homemade Pizza
Cindy Widder

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Place frozen or unfrozen (doesn’t really matter) Berlin Natural Bakery Spelt Pizza Crust on cookie sheet or pizza tray.
Place 4 or 5 thin slices of Colby cheese on top of crust.
Cover top of cheese with Simply Sauce pizza sauce.
This next step is based on preference…I usually place all my toppings on top of the sauce as I feel they bake a little better that way.  But, if you prefer your toppings a little more crunchy, you may want to put them on top of the cheese.  However you prefer, the next step simply involves putting on your toppings, cheese and then pepperoni if desired.  Place pizza tray on rack in middle of oven and bake for approximately 18-20 minutes or until cheese is melted and golden brown.  Remove from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.  Slice and eat!

How simple is that.  Until next time….Happy Baking!